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These often involve the need…… Security CountermeasuresFor any event, effective countermeasures are an important part of enhancing safety. Those who take these factors into account, will ensure that everyone is protected and the chances of having any kind of incidents are decreased. To fully understand how these objectives are achieved requires focusing on public safety, transportation and issues for the celebrity. This will be accomplished by examining various agencies to be worked with, areas of responsibility and coordination. Together, these areas will improve the ability of stakeholders to deal with a number of challenges. Fisher, 2000 Walton, 2011With what agencies are you going to work?The various agencies involve working with numerous levels of government.

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Window Contacts: Can be hardwired or wireless.

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The PIC architecture is characterized by its multiple attributes:Separate code and data spaces Harvard architecture.

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Also, if you failed to insert the password in time, the alarm may be triggered.